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Market Statistics

We offer our clients the full range of statistical information on markets of products and services in different industries – both in B2B and B2C segments.

Our experience in market researching and established ties with the public authorities allow us providing our clients with all available market information which is regularly gathered by the state structures. Unlike traditional market researches in the form of surveys or retail auditing, this information favours to getting the full all-embracing picture of market size, products and services, key players’ shares of received revenues (in some cases – in natural exponents). All statistical information on any industry of the Russian economy can be divided into four big groups: macroeconomic statistics, general statistics across industries, companies’ statistics and population statistics (household statistics). All data can be provided across the regions or separate centres of population and types of area (urban or rural).

Macroeconomic Statistics and General Statistics across Industries

Direct INFO provides all available macroeconomic statistics across separate regions or centres of population in Russia and general information on financial and economic condition of the country’s economic segments. To get familiar with the full list of available data contact our consultants.


Companies’ Statistics

We provide statistical data on Russian companies’ performance: production volume, sale of particular types of products and rendering of services, statistics on turnover and revenues, investments, volume and routes of internal and foreign shipment, other information. To get familiar with the full list of statistical data on companies of different industries contact our consultants.


Statistics on Particular Products (Services)

Direct INFO can provide you data on production volume on the territory of the country, import/export, volume and routes of shipment of any goods in Russia, volume of rendering of any services in the country. To find out more about opportunities we provide contact our consultants.


Population Statistics

Contains data on products and services costs and expenses (expenditures and consumption) of households with different income status in urban and rural areas. Also, there is available information on having durable goods (audio/video domestic appliances, PC, mobile phones, using of the Internet), income differentiation, living conditions, etc. The data is based on surveys of more than 40,000 households across urban and rural areas in all Russian regions.

The information is updated on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Data is provided in statistical reports in tables or as a MS Word file and as ready program solutions allowing OLAP analysis of statistics or access by means of web platforms.

To find out more about available statistics on particular economic sectors contact our consultants or look through its description on our web site.


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