Маркетинговые исследования и анализ рынков от компании Директ ИНФО - Corporate Analysis
Corporate Analysis

Direct INFO conducts in-depth researches of companies and holding companies’ activities in different industries.

Corporate analysis of competitors allows our clients to get familiar with best strategies on the market and reduce costs when entering new markets at the expense of using competitors’ experience. Research report consists of several units: organization structure analysis (in particular, Sales department structure), human resources management, marketing and price strategy, sale structure and distribution system with all levels and conditions of work with suppliers, competitive analysis and other information. Below are detailed the contents of all these units.


Research Results Can Include:

Organization Structure, Human Resources Policy

Sales and Distribution System

  • Main departments
  • List of jobs, subordination
  • Employees’ job responsibilities
  • Number of employees, regional structure
  • Sales department structure
  • Motivation methods, recruitment and hiring policy, training policy
  • Distribution structure
  • Stimulating programs for distributors
  • Delivery and payment
  • Price mark-up and discount policy
  • Company’s sales across the regions
  • Distributors’ price lists
  • List of key clients, customers and suppliers
  • Segmentation of potential clients, possible changes forecast

Marketing and Price Policy

Other Information

  • Structure of flows of funds
  • Price structure and structure of expenditures
  • Tariff policy
  • Marketing strategy, methods and ways of product (service) promotion
  • List of company’s services
  • SWOT analysis
  • Relations with Russian public authorities
  • Search for events, mentioning of a company in mass media
  • Companies’ databases according to clients’ requirements

Corporate Information mentioned above can be extended upon client's request. To learn more about full list of Direct INFO abilities and recent strategic surveys please contact our consultants.


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