Маркетинговые исследования и анализ рынков от компании Директ ИНФО - Quality of Services
Quality of Services

High quality of services we render is one of the key points of our work. Direct INFO guarantees quality at all stages of work with our clients.

We function as your Information department and offer preliminary consulting in relation to data that can be presented as a report.  When preparing a report we constantly collaborate with our clients agreeing on its particular stages, if necessary. After fulfilment of a project we analyze the process and its results from a client’s point of view in order to improve quality of our future work.

Direct INFO offers to all its current or potential clients:


  • Free preliminary analysis for all research enquiries (finding information on a market or particular companies) and providing of a commercial offer with its research results in a stipulated format, period of execution of works, methods and information sources;
  • Intensive collaboration with a client in the process of preparation of a commercial offer is welcomed but not regarded as necessary;
  • Flexible price-formation policy at most allowing to justify investments in a market research;
  • Quality control system over provided reports guarantees that a client will receive his/her report on time as it is stipulated in the offer.
  • Our reputation is vitally important for us, that’s why we constantly monitor whether our clients feel satisfied with the results of our collaboration.


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