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We are Experts in Business Information

Since its foundation in 1996, Direct INFO has prepared several thousands of reports and program solutions for hundreds of companies in Russia and abroad. Direct INFO products and services are used in 175 industries of Russia’s economy. Enterprises working in industrial, trade and services spheres often employ our ready-made researches as well as products customized to our clients’ needs.

In the process of collecting source data and when providing market research results Direct INFO renders high-quality services up to the world’s standards using:

  • Key sources of primary data in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.
  • In-depth analysis of primary data and requirements by our clients. We believe that our clients are obvious leaders and reliable experts in their industry.

Direct INFO permanently provides support to its clients delivering data ware that corresponds to all their requirements.

  • We take a client’s order.
  • Carry out a preliminary research.
  • Free of charge provide our clients with a clear strategy in the form of a preliminary commercial offer.
  • Act in concordance with our agreements, always inform our clients of any changes in data as soon as possible.
  • After providing our clients with the results of our research we continue to support them in the process of decision-making – answer any questions and confirm necessary data (even after completion of a research project).
  • Rigidly exercise control over quality and terms at any stage of market researching or developing an offer.

Your success is our task. We are always by your side focused on your demands and providing an overall support.

Segment served

Main Client Segments extensively served with strategic support in the Russian Federation and CIS states.

The range of our clients is not limited to the present list of the key industries. Contact our consultants to get the full list of our projects and clients in your industry to find out more about our experience and decide how we can be useful to you.


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1 Embassies, Business Associations
2 Domestic Appliances, Durable Goods
3 Financial and Banking Services
4 Pharmaceutics and Medicine
5 Industry, Industrial Equipment, Metallurgy
6 Freight Services and Logistics
7 Information and Communications Technologies
8 Cosmetics
9 Agriculture
10 Consulting, Marketing, Legal Enterprises
11 Automobile Industry
12 Oil and Gas Industry, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
13 Consumer Products (FMCG)

Our sources

One of the world’s biggest private (non-governmental) databases on statistics on the Russian market and financial performance of all enterprises on the territory of the country
Reliable experts from governmental organizations and key industries.
Qualified staff of analysts, consultants and research projects management.

Expirience by industry

Embassies, Business Associations

Direct INFO assists governmental organizations, business associations, and embassies when it comes to...

Financial and Banking Services

Direct INFO has a considerable experience in banking and financial spheres. In our projects we not only...

Pharmaceutics and Medicine

We have a lot of expertise in dealing with international pharmaceutical and medical companies offering...

Industry, Industrial Equipment, Metallurgy

We are experienced in working with international and Russian companies – producers in heavy industry,...

Freight Services and Logistics

Direct INFO deals with the key players on logistics and freight services market offering its clients...

Information and Communications Technologies

Direct INFO is experienced in dealing with international and Russian telecoms and ICT companies offering...


Our company has a considerable experience in working with the key cosmetics brands. Reports for this...


Direct INFO is experienced in working on agricultural market. The key producers and sellers of agricultural...

Consulting, Marketing, Legal Enterprises

Direct INFO deals with the key players in the spheres of consulting, marketing and legal services...

Automobile Industry

Direct INFO is experienced in dealing with international companies-producers of automobiles and heavy...

Oil and Gas Industry, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

The Russian oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industries are among the most rapid-growing...

Consumer Products (FMCG)

We have a lot of expertise in dealing with international companies-producers of consumer products....

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