Маркетинговые исследования и анализ рынков от компании Директ ИНФО - Consulting, Marketing, Legal Enterprises
Consulting, Marketing, Legal Enterprises

Direct INFO deals with the key players in the spheres of consulting, marketing and legal services offering its clients competitive prices, confidentiality and high-quality information and research services. Our research results are generally employed for purposes of strategic marketing, investment and partnership development, entering new markets and market monitoring.

Special Information Products for Companies in the Industry

Business Information on Company, Legal Ownership Structure

This type of standard reports contains information on a company’s founders, their relationships, financial performance of a company and property in its ownership, To find out more about this information product contact our consultants.

Corporate Research

This report contains detailed information on financial and economic activities of particular companies and holding companies (company structure, peculiarities of work with suppliers, distribution systems, sales promotion ways, etc.) To find out more about this research contact our consultants.

Statistical Market Reports

We provide any general statistical information on different segments of the Russian  market (market size, dynamics, key players’ shares, etc.).  To find out more about types of statistical reports and kinds of information contact our consultants.

Analytical Support

Our company provides analytical support in market researching. In fact, in this case we turn into Information (Marketing) department of our clients and collect necessary market information as soon as possible. To find out more about this service contact our consultants or look through its description on our web site.

Most Popular Information Products in This Category

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Researching customers’ loyalty, brand recognizability
  • Business information on a company – founders, licenses, available technology, financial performance and its highlights, business activities
  • Holding company scheme – company structure analysis
  • Assessment of potential partnership or merger
  • Data banks of Potential Associates or Customers
  • Other information

Direct INFO services are not limited to the list of products most demanded by Consulting, Marketing, Legal Enterpriseswhich is given above. To find out more about kinds of services we provide contact our consultants or look through the full list of our information products.

Refferences from our clients

Alrud www.alrud.ru
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"...We are pleased to recommend Direct INFO as a reliable outsource partner for support in corporate investigations... " (read reference letter)

Senior Partner
DROEGE & COMP. GmbH www.droege.ru

"...We have found Direct INFO to be one of the leading and reliable provider of market and corporate research and analysis having specific capabilities and professional expertise to provide a comprehensive business intelligence service in Russia and CIS.." (read reference letter)

Deputy Head Of Representation
Intermark www.intermark.dk
"...All in all, our cooperation proved to be cost-efficient for InterMark and for our clients. " (read reference letter)

Managing director. InterMark A/S

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