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Strategic Researches

Strategic researches are useful for such clients’ purposes as competitive comparison and entry to a market.

The contents of a research cover all official and statistical sources of information, additional specific sources (specialized data banks, industry experts’ opinion, etc.) and different types of field researches. As a rule, we employ a combined approach with in-depth complex analysis of results received in the course of field and armchair researches. Cross analysis of several sources allows receiving more detailed and accurate information on the topic concerned.


Analysis of several sources of information on a market is an essential condition of success.

Professional researchers know that any source of information has its pluses and minuses. Only combining of sources of information will give desirable results - full and precise data on a market. For example, general statistical data (foreign trading and production) with admissible error allow receiving of general market data in money terms but usually without market structure across brands. This problem can be solved by means of field researches but their results are badly correlated with a designed market size because of limited selection volume. Only a combination of these two types of researches allows getting the full picture of a market.


In the course of conducting a research, Direct INFO selects and agrees with a client on the most appropriate methodology and key sources of information on a market.  This allows to accurately evaluate its size and receive precise data on market shares of the key layers and their brands.

Research Results Can Include:


Market data

Data on Players

  • Legislation and regulations
  • Market size and structure across the regions
  • Industry data
  • Detailed information on market leaders
  • Structure of flows of funds
  • Key players’ shares in general and across particular products (brands)

Forecasts, Trends

Other information

  • Market evolution model
  • Forecasts and development trends
  • Specialized data on a market


Information we can provide in the course of a strategic research is not limited to the list given above. To find out more about types of information and look through the examples of researches we have already  fulfilled contact our consultants.



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